What is 14K Gold Made Of?

What is 14K Gold Made Of?

Worried about getting ripped off? Overwhelmed by all the choices available when shopping for jewelry online?

Not to fear, we’re here to simplify things and make it easy and enjoyable to find the perfect piece of 14K Gold jewelry for you.  

What is 14K Gold?

So, what even is 14K Gold? 

The simple answer is that gold is an element that naturally occurs in the world, represented by the chemical symbol Au and atomic number 79. 24K Gold is pure gold, like you would find in nature, but is far too soft and fragile to create jewelry with. That’s why most jewelry brands and designers resort to alloys such as 14K Gold to stabilize the material and make it the perfect option for durable jewelry that will last you through years of everyday use. 

14K Gold is a mixture made up of 58.3% gold, and a blend of other materials such as zinc, silver, and copper. 

Is 14K Gold Real Gold?

14K Gold is definitely real gold. No jeweler’s create jewelry with 24K Gold like we mentioned above, it’s far too soft and malleable to be used for everyday wear. That is why the vast majority of fine jewelry brands use 14K Gold or other alloys such as 10K Gold and 18K Gold. 

Just make sure the item isn’t 14K Gold Plated, Filled, or Gold Vermeil, as those are NOT real gold and will not last as long as 14K Solid or Hollow Gold. They also easily damage, tarnish over time, and can possibly create allergic reactions in some people.

How to Identify 14K Gold?

The best way to identify if something is 14K Gold is by looking closely at a necklace’s clasp, bracelet’s clasp, inside of a ring, or on the backing of a pair of earrings. There will be a tiny stamp most commonly marked “14KT”. This stamp is known as a “hallmark” and the practice dates back to the 13th century where pieces were stamped with purity marks to protect gold buyers from buying fraudulent pieces. 

How to identify 14K Gold? 14K Hallmark Stamp

Other common Hallmark stamps include:

  • 14K or 14KT
  • 14K with Company Logo, such as “CRG”
  • 14K P: the P stands for “plumb gold” which means “complete gold”
  • 14K 585: “585” refers to the 58.3% pure gold that is found in 14K Gold

What is 14K Gold Made Of? 

14K Gold is made of 58.3% pure 24k gold mixed with a blend of alloys to keep it sturdy and durable enough for everyday fine jewelry.

The exact blend of materials differs based on the specific color of 14K Gold you are buying. 

Different 14K Gold Colors:

The 3 different colors you can find in 14K Gold are Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, and White Gold. Or, a blend of all three known as Tricolor Gold. There are some very beautiful tricolor gold necklaces you can buy, or bracelets. 

14K Yellow Gold:

14K Yellow Gold is made of 58.5% Pure Gold, 33% Copper, 5.5% Silver, and 3% Zinc. 

What is 14K Yellow Gold Made of?

14K Rose Gold:

14K Rose Gold is made of 58.5% gold and 41.5% copper.

What is 14K Rose Gold Made Of?

14K White Gold:

14K White Gold is made of 58.5% Pure Gold, 24% Copper, 9% Zinc, and 9% Nickel.

What is 14K White Gold Made Of?


Popular 14K Gold Jewelry Styles:

You really can’t go wrong with 14K Gold jewelry. The purity levels and mix of materials make for  durable and beautiful jewelry perfect for everyday wear. 

14K Gold Chains:

Some of our favorite 14K Gold Chain styles include the classic Figaro, Curb Link, and Rope Chain

14K Gold Bracelets:

Matching 14K Gold Bracelets include the Curb Link Bracelet, Paperclip Chain Bracelet, and Box Chain Bracelet. 

14K Gold Earrings:

Everything from Bold Hoop Earrings to Dainty Studs can be made with 14K Gold. 

14K Gold Rings:

14K Gold Ring styles include 14K Gold wedding bands, Simple Stacking Rings, and Diamond Rings.

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