What Kind of Jewelry Can You Shower In?

What Kind of Jewelry Can You Shower In?

One of the most common questions we get asked is if you can shower in your jewelry—and we’re determined to give you all the information to equip you with the right answer. 

Depending on the material, showering with your jewelry can either be absolutely fine or an absolute nightmare, leaving your pieces tarnished, without shine and damaged beyond use.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what type of jewelry you can or cannot shower in:

Type of Jewelry

Can You Shower In It?

Stainless Steel




Sterling Silver


Silver Plated


Gold Filled


Gold Plated


Gold Vermeil


14K Gold


18K Gold


10K Gold




And, here are the more detailed explanations:

Can you shower in Stainless Steel jewelry?

Yes, stainless steel jewelry is safe to shower in. Although,the quality of your stainless steel jewelry will make a difference—surgical steel is the most durable and long-lasting.

Can you shower in Diamond jewelry?

Diamond jewelry is not ideal to shower in. The shine of the diamond can easily be compromised after prolonged exposure to oils, lotions and certain soaps. 

Can you shower in Sterling Silver jewelry?

Sterling silver jewelry will definitely tarnish over time if you take showers with it. The metal will not be harmed but the look of it will suffer over time. 

Can you shower in Silver Plated jewelry?

Silver plated jewelry tarnishes over time even without showering with it. Exposure to air, lotions or other substances will react with the metal and scrape off the outer silver layer. Showering with silver-plated jewelry will only speed up this process.

Can you shower in Gold Filled jewelry?

Gold filled jewelry is okay to shower with because of the way it is made. The thick layer of gold on top of the base metal makes gold-filled jewelry durable and less-likely to chip. 

Can you shower in Gold Plated jewelry?

Gold plated jewelry will definitely chip away with exposure to water. The reason for this is because the base metal is usually brass or bronze and the plating is a very thin layer of gold. The gold layer tarnishes over time and easily gets scratched or chipped. 

Can you shower in Gold Vermeil jewelry?

Gold vermeil is similar to gold plated jewelry in that there is a thin layer of gold over a base metal. The only difference is that the base metal is 925 silver. Any contact with water, soap or other chemicals will speed up the tarnishing process.

Can you shower in 10K Gold jewelry?

10K gold jewelry is fine to shower with and wear daily. A good rule of thumb is getting your jewelry polished every few months to ensure the shine remains and doesn’t dull over time.

Can you shower in 14K Gold jewelry?

14K Gold jewelry is the perfect material to wear daily, shower in, and never take off. The best part is how affordable it can be for such timeless pieces. 

All you need to do is avoid harsh shower gels or scrubs that can potentially scratch the jewelry.

Can you shower in 18K Gold jewelry?

18K Gold jewelry is more delicate than 14k gold as it contains a higher percentage of pure gold in it. This makes it more prone to tarnishing and not ideal to shower with. 

Can you shower in Platinum jewelry?

Platinum jewelry is not recommended to shower with because the exposure to water will cause the platinum to lose its shine and gradually darken over time. 

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I was told that 10k gold was the best for daily use, so which is correct?

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