Why Are There Different Tones of 14K Gold Jewelry?

Why Are There Different Tones of 14K Gold Jewelry?

Why does my pendant not match the color of my chain?

If only we had a penny for every time a customer asked us this question! 

If you’ve ever visited a jewelry store, I’m sure you have noticed the variation in gold color tones among the different styles of jewelry. Some appear a deep yellow or even orange, while others appear a cooler tone of blue-ish yellow or even green.

The reason for this is simple: 

Each gold jewelry manufacturer uses a slightly different mix of alloys during production that can affect the final color of the gold jewelry.  

Differences in Alloys:

Some manufacturers use slightly more copper, which can give gold jewelry a hint of orange or a reddish color tone. Other manufacturers will use slightly more nickel. These different alloy mixes are what will give 14K gold jewelry their distinctive colors and can also cause variation among different styles of jewelry. 

In general 14K Gold Jewelry is the most durable type of gold you can buy. 14K Yellow Gold is made from an alloy of metals made up of:

  • 58.5% Gold
  • 25% Silver
  • 17% Copper

Manufacturing Processes: 

In addition to having slight differences in alloy mixtures, different styles of jewelry also require different methods of manufacturing. For example, Figaro chains, Rope chains, and Herringbone chains all require different techniques to produce them. The processes of pulling, stretching, flattening, bending and twisting the chains can all lead the various chains to have slightly different tones once complete. 

Not only that, but each style of chain needs to be heated differently depending on the way it is made and soldered. The different temperatures applied to the jewelry throughout the manufacturing process will also cause the final color of yellow to be slightly different in each style. 

Final Thoughts 

All in all, it is difficult to find different pieces of gold jewelry that will match colors exactly. It’s also likely that not many people will notice the difference. When shopping for gold jewelry, look for quality pieces made of Solid 14K Gold that will be durable, shiny, and last you a lifetime. The slight variation in gold tone colors is something that is unavoidable but also not very noticeable when worn on the body.

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